Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Squidoo Tip # 2. Do key word research to make more money on Squidoo.

Do you do Key Word Research before you publish your Squidoo lenses? The other day someone suggested to build a lens per day to make a good income on Squidoo.

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I agree that having a 100 Squidoo lenses will probably push 5-10-15 of your lenses to Tier 1 and 2 - that is if you stick with related topics and interlink your lenses. But I personally think that if you optimize your Squidoo lens content and try to push every lens you build into the higher Tiers, you will make more money on Squidoo. One Tier 2 lens is worth more than 15 Tier 3 lenses, and one Tier 1 lens pays better than almost a hundred Tier 3 lenses.
I have had several lens make it to Tier 1, but keeping them there may be a little complicated. The only way to keep a lens in Tier 1 is a steady high traffic from Google. How do you get Squidoo lens traffic from Google? By doing key word research and optimizing your Squidoo lens content for search engine crawlers. I use Google Adwords Keyword Tool to find less competitive keywords and analyze competition. For example, if I am writing about dog training, I know it would be hard to get lens traffic to Squidoo lens "dog training", but "dog training tips for kids" or "German Shepherd puppy training" may be a little less complicated. I don't look for key words that get the most searches, but I do pick key words that get a steady traffic with less competition.
Once I pick a key word, I try to get a lens name with the key words in it, then I use key words in the introduction modules and throughout the lens.
As always, I would love some comments. Do you do key word research for your Squidoo lenses?


  1. Good points. It helps to have good keywords in your lens URL, lens title and content. So upfront keyword research is a good idea. See How to choose a Squidoo lens URL wisely

  2. When we were set a challenge to "spring clean" our lenses, I did indeed take this leterally all 100, of them. Yes it took time, it was a bit boring, but I implemeted all I had learned throughout the months, going back to the first few lenses I was horrified at some of the mistakes I had made, I had good content, just not focused traffic has tripled, and this has made me very concious about re-visiting and adding content, small tweaks so as not to scare big

  3. im new on squidoo an finding all this info really helpful... thanks a lot ill keep checking back for more useful info. here are 2 of my lens let me know what you think


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