Thursday, September 8, 2011

Make Money with Squidoo. Squidoo Tip #12.

Make Money with Squidoo
Squidoo Affiliate Marketing Tip
If you are new to Squidoo and are not familiar with internet marketing, this information may be helpful: Affiliate Marketing. But basically, affiliate marketers help consumers find goods and services that may be beneficial to the consumers. Many companies have affiliate programs. They provide links to affiliates and pay commissions (typically 4-10%, but may be as much as 75%) for every sale completed through the link. Companies may also provide you with banners, photos of products, and products feed. Squidoo participates in Amazon, Ebay, and Zazzle affiliate programs. When you sell an item using Squidoo affiliate modules, Squidoo gets commissions and then splits the commissions with you.

So what is my Squidoo affiliate marketing tip? 3 days ago I got a $105 check from an affiliate network I registered for several months ago. It was a very unexpected surprise and it made my day. I made only 1 Sale through a banner I placed on one of my Squidoo lenses. $105 for only 1 Sale! So my tip is not to limit yourself to affiliate programs available through Squidoo. My suggestion is to sign up with Several Affiliate networks by providing your Squidoo lensmaster account as your web address, and if you have a website or a blog too, make sure to mention it as well. Affiliate networks are great because you don't have to sign up with every merchant. Instead, you have an independent company track your sales and combine all commissions you get into one check. You get an opportunity to become an affiliate for,,,, and thousands of other sites. You get excellent photos for your Squidoo lenses and are able to give your readers more product options. Here are the Affiliate Networks I recommend:

1) LinkShare
2) Shareasale
3) Google Affiliate Network

I don't like to recommend Clickbank - although many of the Clickbank products offer the most competitive commissions, there are also plenty of spammy products that can trigger Squidoo spam filter and even get your lens locked. There is one product I would recommend to all Squidoo lensmasters - One Week Marketing (great tips from potpiegirl).
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