Monday, June 27, 2011

Squidoo Tip #7 - Increase Clickouts to make more money on Squidoo.

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Squidoo uses the number of Clickouts as one of the parameters in determining your Squidoo Lens rank. Why are they so important? When visitors land on your Squidoo page, they are looking for answers and solutions. And it is your goal to give them the information that is relevant to their searches. Ideally, you want the visitor to spend at least a few minutes reading over your lens and then send them on to a different page - it may be a product you are promoting, or a site that may be interesting to your reader, or maybe one of your lenses on a related topic (hey, a clickout and an extra lens view - can't get much better then that, unless you are trying to make a sale, of course...)

The last thing you want to happen is for the visitor to glance over your lens and click back to other Google Search results. Click backs will have a negative impact on your lens' Google rankings. Google lets your readers decide on the relevance of your lens' contents to the keywords used throughout the lens. By Generating Clickouts, you optimize your Squidoo lens for Search Engines. It is a great way to send a reader on to a different site and keep them from clicking the "Go Back" button. Clickouts will give you a better Google Search placement and will help your lenses make it into the Tier 1 and 2.

In my Squidoo Earnings Diary, I feature my top performing lenses, give links to my blog, link to articles that may be interesting to other Squidoo lensmasters, and feature Amazon products. If someone clicks on a Google Adwords ad, Squidoo will also count that as a valuable Clickout. I also like to take advantage of the Google Search Module to help my readers find useful information on relevant topics.

As always, I hope you are making money on Squidoo. I would like to hear from you - would you like to share your Squidoo SEO tips?

Sunday, June 5, 2011

Squidoo Tip #6 - Update Squidoo lens tags to make more money on Squidoo

Have you updated your Squidoo lens tags lately? Tags are an important Squidoo tool that helps Squidoo identify similar lenses and suggest them to Squidoo readers. Google traffic is very important, but you can't ignore the opportunity to attract a few extra readers from direct Squidoo traffic. Let's take my First Dance Wedding Songs lens. There are quite a few Wedding lenses on Squidoo, like for example this Best Mother-Son Dance Songs lens by rms that today reached the overall Squidoo ranking #1. There are thousands of brides and grooms who turn to Google for help with their wedding planning. They land on a Squidoo page that may or may not answer the question they have. Then they see Squidoo Lens suggestions in the sidebar and click on another lens they may be interested in. Or they click on a tag in the Tag Cloud and find a list of Lenses that cover the topic. How do you get Squidoo to suggest your lens to the reader? By selecting the right tags. This Squidoo Tags SEO lens by Squidoohelp is a great reference guide for using Squidoo tags to optimize your lens' findability within Squidoo. What can you do today to get more Squidoo lens views? I suggest you find a couple well-ranked Squidoo lenses in your niche and get some tag ideas for your lens. Find the best tags for your lens and make sure that your primary lens reflects your main topic. The more similar your lens tags are to another lens' tags, the better are the chances of your lens showing up in the sidebar. If you have several Squidoo lenses on the topic, I suggest you make your lens tags similar and add your lensmaster name to all lenses as a tag - to get Squidoo to suggest your own lenses.

Do you have Squidoo Tags SEO tips you would like to share? I would love to hear from you! June 2011 Squidoo payday is coming soon - hope you make some money!
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