Friday, May 6, 2011

Squidoo Tips Blog from Katiecolette on Squidoo

 Hi there! I am KatieColette from Squidoo, and I am starting this blog to share my Internet marketing tips, tips for increasing Squidoo lens traffic and Search Engine Optimization (SEO) in general.
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I have been a member of Squidoo for about 9 months, but I didn't realize the potential of Squidoo until about December of 2010 when I read a Squidoo lens about Squidoo Tiers - I am pretty sure that this Squidconomy Lens was the turning point in my Online Marketing career. I will have to admit that I got on the opportunity to publish online content on Squidoo without learning much about the site and the community. I took advantage of publishing a lens without waiting for an Admin approval, added some more content to the lens over the next few days, and, after not seeing much traffic to my lens, left Squidoo for several months. After seeing first Tier 3 lens earnings in my Squidoo account, I did a Squidoo Search on "Squidoo Tiers" and found all the motivation I needed to continue my Squidoo Journey. I started a Squidoo Earnings Diary lens where I have been keeping track of my Squidoo Earnings and my experiments with Squidoo modules, key words, building backlinks, etc. I also joined Wealthy Affiliate University to learn more about Internet marketing and making money online. If you are interested in exploring Blogging, Article Writing, and Web Content Writing as a part-time and full-time career, follow my blog! All Squidoo members are welcome to share Squidoo Experiences. Please feel free to leave a comment related to my post and leave a link to a relevant Squidoo lens. This blog will be a do follow, so once I build up some traffic to this blog, you will have an opportunity to build backlinks to your lenses :)

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  1. Great idea Katie! I see you're in some serious action of making this great plan work and I wish you all the luck in achieving that goal of yours! Looking forward to your posts :)


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