Monday, July 8, 2013

Write Quality Content

Back in the days, when the concepts of SEO and key word research were new, quite a few marketers figured out how to cheat the system without writing quality content. They would find the right key words, follow a set of SEO rules, and write short articles with little useful information but a very obvious link that would send the reader to the site they were promoting. Since they cracked the Google search engine algorithm, their articles would show up  at the top of the search results - exactly where you want to be in order to make money. There are still plenty of people seeing outstanding results because of their ability to meet the market demand by going after the right keywords, but Google has become a lot stricter and is more selective as to who it sends traffic to. At this time, Google wants to see if you have a good following. Are you being informative and engaging the readers, do you have Google +, Facebook, Pinterest, Bloglovin, Twitter followers, do people come back to your site on a regular basis to see what's new? If Google search engine runs into a topic that can be found on a site with little to no reputation and on a site of a blogger who put a lot of effort into building the blog and establishing online presence, chances are that it's the blogger who is going to get the priority spot at the top of the search results. And you really can't argue with that, the blogger did put a lot of time and effort into writing quality content and engaging readers on a regular basis.

If you write for Squidoo, I am sure you know that Squidoo has always been pro unique, useful, updated  - UUU content. But, with the recent updates in Search Engine algorithms, the UUU concept is more important than ever. Squidoo HQ has been stressing out the importance of sharing personal stories and creating "rich" content that only You can produce. Cheating the system no longer works - write quality content, if you want to stay on Squidoo. No wonder that we are hearing this message loud and clear. Squidoo is competing against many established bloggers with a great following. The bloggers attract attention by sharing very personal stories and photos, by being real, and building relationships with their readers. So Squidoo has to stay competitive in order to keep the top spot on the web.

Writing high quality content on a regular basis may be easier said than done. But if you follow these tips on how to Write High Quality Content fast, manage your time wisely, and put a lot of effort into building your presence on Squidoo in your niche, you are very likely to get a good return on time invested.

Update July 19, 2013: got these tips from Ezinearticles by Email and thought they are worth sharing: create quality content in 7 steps.

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