Friday, July 15, 2011

Squidoo Tip # 9. Blog to make more money on Squidoo.

Have you realized that most of the people who make decent monthly incomes on Squidoo usually have blogs? Wordpress blogs, Blogger blogs, TypePad blogs, etc... Blogging is really not that hard to get into. Blogger is one of the easiest blogging platforms to work with, and if you have published a lens or 2 on Squidoo, there's no reason why you should wait any longer to start a blog. Although Wordpress blogs are more SEO friendly, Google loves its Blogging creation, so Blogger makes a great choice for anyone interested in getting into blogging. I personally work with both, Blogger and Wordpress.

So why blog to make more money on Squidoo? Several reasons. First of all, valuable backlinks. My Blogger blogs are  Do Follow and by creating links to my relevant lenses in my posts, I create quality backlinks. I also allow and encourage backlinks to other Squidoo lenses in comments (by the way, if you have any problems posting comments with your Google account - make sure that the "stay signed in" box is not checked when you login - Blogger has been having some minor issues with Google accounts comments). The backlinks give you additional advantage over lenses with no backlinks or backlinks from Squidu forum only, so it helps your lenses rank better. As your blog becomes more popular, the value of your links increases.

Also as you can see, in the left sidebar, I created permanent links to my Squidoo lenses and Associated content articles. That's another way that you can get more views for your Squidoo lenses. When it comes to making more money on Squidoo, every visitor counts! And by promoting your blog, you are also promoting several lenses at once, saving yourself plenty of time for creating new lenses.

Finally, as an additonal benefit, you can add Google Adsense to your blog and learn how to Make Money with Adsense and Blogger. If you do decide to apply for an Adsense publisher ID, make sure you have had your blog for at least a couple weeks and have posted at least 7-10 quality posts. Also, before you start displaying Adsense on your blog, read carefully over all the Dos and Don'ts and add a Privacy policy to your blog!

Hope you had a Happy July payday! Would love to hear how you are doing on Squidoo :) Please feel free to comment!


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